The Western Socialist - Journal of Scientific Socialism in the Western Hemisphere, Vol. 36, No. 271; No. 5 - 1969:

By: Collins, Don; Shepherd, Alex; et al

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24 pages. Features: WSP (U.S.) Conference of 1969; The Kennedy Family Passion Play; That Reformer Fellow, President Nixon; That High Cost of Living; "Reparations" Vs. World Socialism; N.D.P. Shell Game - Ed Schreyer assumes leadership of the Manitoba N.D.P.; Historic Words Live Long After Tragedy - "Bill" Pritchard, one of eight men tried in connection with the famous Winnipeg general strike of 1919, speaks again; Those Halls of Montezuma - looking back on Aztec history, and myths which surround it; Marx and the American Civil War; Do Loose Lips Sink Ships? - fascinating article claims German U-boats were had fore-knowledge of targets by gleaning information from European reinsurance companies who underwrote the risk of ocean shipments; Passing of Jeni "Chubbi" Kligman; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.